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Inley – Onley

Inlay – Onley

Inlays and onlays are used when the tooth structure is not present in sufficient quantity to support the filling and the tooth is not damaged enough to be veneered. Onlays cover a larger area than inlays. Inlay is applied if only one surface of the tooth is damaged. Onlay is applied if there is damage to more than one surface of the tooth.

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    Inlays and onlays are preferred in cases where it is undesirable to have excess substance loss in the tooth. Since they are prepared in the laboratory, they are more aesthetic than other fillings.

    There is minimal loss of substance in the teeth, They are resistant to chewing pressures, They provide a natural appearance, Do not discoloration, Do not show allergic reactions, There is no abrasion and breakage.

    After all the caries in the tooth is cleaned and the cavity is prepared, the measurement is taken. According to the measurement taken, the filling is prepared in the laboratory. The tooth is rehearsed, if there are no problems, it is polished and glued to the tooth using special adhesives.

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