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Why is Dental Stone Cleaning So Important?

Dental tartar is the mineral layer that forms as a result of the bacterial plaque that forms when food residues cannot be removed from the mouth, interacting with saliva and hardening. While dental tartar can accumulate on tooth surfaces, in more advanced cases, it can also go under the gums and accumulate below the gum line. Dental calculus should be controlled by regular doctor examinations and removed from the tooth when necessary. This process performed by the physician is called tartar cleaning.

In cases where tartar cannot be removed from the tooth, problems such as gingival recession and gingivitis may occur. Dental tartar is not only harmful to oral health, but also affects the aesthetic appearance of patients because it has a bad appearance.

Why do dental stones form?

The biggest reason for the formation of dental calculus is the inability to provide adequate oral hygiene. To prevent tartar formation, teeth should be brushed regularly, mouthwashes should be used to prevent plaque formation, and dental floss should be used to prevent food accumulation between the teeth.

Other factors that cause dental calculus can be listed as follows;

*Smoking and alcohol use,

*Use of antibiotics,

*Some systemic diseases,


* Diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar,

*Saliva structure and quality.

How to prevent tartar formation?

In order to prevent the formation of dental calculus, oral care should be done regularly to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque. For this, teeth should be brushed regularly, at least twice a day, using the right toothbrush and toothpaste, and mouthwash and dental floss should be used. With a regular dentist check every 6 months, it is checked whether calculus is formed in this process and is kept under follow-up.

How to clean teeth?

After the dental stones are cleaned with ultrasonic tools, the tooth surfaces are polished and smoothed and completed with a polishing process that prevents plaque formation.

What are the harms of dental stones?

*Tooth calculus can progress and cause serious gum diseases if left untreated.

* It causes bad odor in the mouth.

* Increases tooth decay.

* Causes gingivitis.

It causes the root surface of the tooth to be exposed by causing gingival recession. This causes sensitivity in the teeth.

* Causes loss of jawbone. As a result, even healthy teeth may fall out.

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